Leave The Rat Race And Start Your Own Business

Stuck in a dead-end job? Tired of working for someone else’s dreams? Want to break free, start building your own dreams, and finally enjoy the health, wealth, and happiness you’ve always wanted...read more

Raising Kids To Be Champions – Positive Parenting Tips

Parents, especially young parents, face more challenges than their own parents when it comes to child discipline. The idea of raising your child the same way you were raised is a big temptation, especially when you turned out okay...read more

Time Management – The Importance Of Having Choices

Not many people know this, but time is more important than money. Money lost can be remade, but time lost is lost forever! And since every single one of us would like to live a good life, here’s a principle I teach to help people get more out of their time here on Earth...read more

Why Corporate America Won’t Give You Your American Dream

You might think I’m against corporate America. You might even think I’m telling Americans to quit their jobs and start their own businesses RIGHT NOW...read more
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