5 Linx

5Linx is one of Real Wealth Solutions™'s partners. The company offers the top business opportunity used by members, old and new. The reason why 5Linx is so popular with our members is because of the following:

  • Proven, easy way of selling
  • Fast, effective way of growing a network
  • Highly in-demand products such as mobile phones and plans, broadband Internet connections, home security systems, and more – guaranteeing a ready market
  • Easy to start and grow for a home-based business

5Linx helps Real Wealth Solutions™ fulfill its mission by giving members something to start immediately. It is also as financially rewarding as any other trustworthy network marketing company, and the network can later lay down a pattern for newer businesses to be established.

Lead & Succeed

“The rules of success have changed.” ~Kevin Donaldson

Today, no longer is success about being ruthlessly hard-charging and beating the competition. Today, more than ever, success is gained by paving the road to success for others. It's no longer about leading an industry – now it's about leading people...read more

My Lead System Pro

Starting traditional home-based businesses, selling products to customers, is generally not the best idea these days. You would tend to enter saturated markets dominated by mega-companies you can't hope to compete with.

That's why in Real Wealth Solutions™, we take a different approach. We turn our members into millionaires by teaching them how to create other millionaires. In other words, we build businesses by building people.

That's precisely why we partnered with MyLeadSystemPRO, who helps our members with a proven, systematic way to generate good leads. This partnership helps our members find new people, build new networks, and find new opportunities – all in the comforts of their homes. Learn More....

Books, Training, Speaking

When taking charge of your life and establishing your first home business, nothing's better than following in the footsteps of someone who has walked your road, and has reached your goal, before. CEO Kevin Donaldson has walked that road before, and is more than happy to take you by the hand.

Kevin is the author of many bestselling books on the entrepreneurial mindset, building home businesses, and other important facets of responsible home business ownership. All his books are available on Amazon.com.

Kevin also speaks to large groups in lectures, seminars, and complete teaching courses. Subscribe to stay updated with Kevin's speaking schedule all over the country.

10 Secrets of the New Rich

Are you sick and tired of dealing with financial struggles? Are you saddened and discouraged as you watch the years pass and realize that your dreams are becoming increasingly unattainable? You’ve worked hard your entire life, with little to show for it. You’ve worked for someone your entire life. Yet you have everything you need to succeed...read more

Free Resources

RWS and partners have free resources to aid you in building your home businesses. Whether you want a little self-study, or if you want to grow your business even further, we got you covered:

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