Time Management – The Importance Of Having Choices

Not many people know this, but time is more important than money. Money lost can be remade, but time lost is lost forever! And since every single one of us would like to live a good life, here’s a principle I teach to help people get more out of their time here on Earth.

How Most Of Us Manage Time

The funny paradox about modern life is that most of us DON’T manage our time. We go to work, and our companies manages our time for us. There are prescribed times for starting work, lunch breaks, coffee breaks, and leaving the office. And that leaves a precious few hours every day to do what we like.

That seems to be okay for some people. It’s a predictable, comfortable way of life — you punch in, you work, and you get paid twice a month. You can then proceed to budget your money, save some, and spend the rest. How convenient!

On the other hand, this setup has caused tremendous stress on many other people. Some work long hours for little pay, leaving them with little (if any) time or resources for what’s really important.

Does that sound like your situation? Do you feel you’re STUCK in your situation? Then maybe it’s time for a change — by giving yourself more choices and more control over your time.

Find More Choices

The more choices you have in your life, the more control you have over your time — and vice-versa. If you want more of one, you’ll have to get more of the other. Let me explain using Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant:

Employees have little control over their time because they have few choices during the day. They can’t, for instance, clock in later or leave the office earlier. But when they take a step up and begin a freelancing career, they’ll have more control over their time.

It’s not full control — they’re still bound by their commitments to their clients — but at least they can choose to work at night, when it’s quieter and more conducive to creativity, if they want to. But if they take yet ANOTHER step further, they can become entrepreneurs. And once a business is up and running, its owner exerts only minimum supervision. Now the entrepreneur has the choice to start yet ANOTHER business they’re interested in.

And finally, you can reach the end of the cashflow quadrant and become an investor. Now your money’s doing all the work for you, and you don’t need to work at all anymore. Now you have ALL the time in the world to do whatever you want!

Want More Time?

If you want more control over your time, then I suggest you find ways to move up the cashflow quadrant. Find creative ways to free your schedule and decide how you want to spend your day. That way you’ll have more time to focus on what’s important and what makes you truly happy.

Want to take full control of your time? Then visit my website today. Subscribe for free to learn how to improve your quality of life, one step at a time. Don’t settle for other people controlling your time — click here now.

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