Why Corporate America Won’t Give You Your American Dream

You might think I’m against corporate America. You might even think I’m telling Americans to quit their jobs and start their own businesses RIGHT NOW.

No, please don’t do that. My message to my community and readers is simpler than that: Keep your day job, but grow something on the side.” And when your side business(es) start giving you income greater than your job can afford, THEN you can quit.

Here’s why I believe every American should give my message some thought:

The Corporate Lie

These days, every employee is taught the merits of productivity, of time management, of thinking like an entrepreneur, etc. But does it really pay off?

Over the past several decades, the average wage for American workers have remained largely the same (adjusted for inflation), despite advances in productivity, communication, and time management practices. In other words, we’ve been working harder and faster for the same pay.

On the other hand, the average incomes of the top 1% has risen by over two and a half times in that same period. A little unfair, don’t you think?

To make matters worse, stress-related illnesses and absenteeism is on the rise. We’re spending less time with our families and friends. The list goes on.

This is one of the big reasons why more and more people are leaving the corporate world to strike it out on their own – not only because it affords them more time, money, and flexibility, but also because it WORKS for everyone concerned.

The Rise of Independent Workers

Independent workers basically offer their skills, products, and services while working from home. At the very least, the model cuts down on time and money needed for the daily commute – time and money that could be best spent or invested into more important things.

What’s more, working from home also opens up the opportunity to start home-based businesses, which I believe are the solution to America’s economic woes. If every person owned at least one successful home business, with the entire country (and the rest of the world) as its market, it would break corporate America’s hold on the workforce.

Best of all, home-based businesses don’t require much capital at all. In fact, many of today’s most successful home businesses started out on a shoestring budget, with people carving out tiny office spaces in the garage, the basement, or the breakfast nook.

Basically, if you have a computer and an Internet connection, you’re good to go!

Keep Your Day Job

Again, I advise you to keep your day job – but do take 2 hours a day to start something on the side. There’s no other safe, legal, and enjoyable way to break free from the rat race. Stay persistent, keep learning, and don’t stray until you’ve invested at least two years into your business. Only then will you achieve your new American Dream!

(NOTE: I’m leading a community of people who are doing just that – keeping their day jobs while growing their home businesses on the side. Join us and learn how to start your own home-based business!)

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